What is Restorative Grief?

The Restorative Grief model is one that reflects on the impermanent nature of life while giving us tools to bring peace to our mind, body, soul, and spirit even as we grieve. By becoming present with our pain, we offer ourselves the grace we need to heal.

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

We reject shame, closed-minded absolutes, and platitudes in exchange for intentional, unhurried passage through our pain at our own pace. A restorative model of grieving allows the flow of life to uncover a new rhythm of rituals and correct any damaging beliefs about loss we may inadvertently carry.

The more time we spend bringing ourselves back to the present moment, the more intentionally we will make decisions about our needs and next steps. Our healing takes the forefront, allowing each wave of unexpected grief to propel us forward still standing instead of tossing us about in the surf.

The Restorative Grief Project is an online course with a small group of individuals online via private Facebook group. Participants will receive access to daily curriculum, action items, tools, journal prompts, and additional resources. This is a self-paced group, although participants will benefit from guided discussion groups by staying engaged!



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Mandy Capehart

Mandy Capehart

Writing about grief, beliefs, & psych/mindfulness. Editor of Ask a Grief Coach. Happily Tweeting & doing other “Very Good Things.” I apologize in advance.